• Lawn mount eliza curved metal edging pebbles
  • Mount Eliza garden planting and new lawn
  • Mount Eliza garden metal edging and turf
  • Lawn mount eliza edging pebbles
  • turf and new lawn mount eliza
  • Lawn mount eliza edging pebbles mass planting
  • Native garden turf mount eliza
  • Lawn mount eliza edging pebbles
Mach Gallery
Landscaping, mass planting, metal edging, native gardens, new garden, new lawn, pebbles, redevelopment, roses, succulents, Turf
About This Project

This is one of our favourite projects. The owner had an excellent and creative vision of the garden and we made it happen. The use of pebbles, edging and the contrast with the lawn is one of the highlights. The constant flowering of plants makes the garden even more beautiful. Another one of my favourite features is the irrigation system we installed can be controlled from your phone that takes local weather into consideration.