Mach Gardening Services - Garden Maintenance in Mount Eliza
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About Mach Gardening Services

Creating Mach Gardening Services has provided me with the ideal opportunity. I’m incorporating my love and experience in the garden to provide a top quality service.

After spending sometime studying marketing and working the corporate life in the heart of Melbourne, I felt a change was necessary. So I made the change, I feel doing something that I’m passionate about is important and working from enjoyment rather than necessity.

I was fortunate enough to know somebody working in garden maintenance, once I started working outside, I loved it. I’ve always enjoyed that manual labor, and have been drawn to gardens since my time working in the Nursery at Bunnings.

I’ve consistently spent time developing my skill and I’m currently studying landscape design. Garden design has always been on my favourite areas and I’m looking forward to continue to grow in this area.

I was recently asked to be the official installer for the company ‘Garden Edge’. They specialise in selling metal garden edging . I started purchasing from them regularly as they were so competitively priced. They saw the work I was doing and asked me to provide an installation service which I was more than happy to do.

We’re currently servicing Mount Eliza, Mount Martha, Mornington, Frankston South and the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Landscaping Mount Eliza Gardener Maintenance

Service Locations

Maintaining Gardens on the Mornington Peninsula

Mach Gardening Services was originally based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Servicing from Hawthorn all the way out to Kilsyth, and primarily based in Ringwood.

Over the last few years our focus has moved to the Mornington Peninsula, and more specifically, the Mount Eliza area.

Your area not there? That’s alright, chances are we will work there anyway! Call Mach Gardening today on 0430 136 858 and organise a quote.

Keen to get started? Organise a quote now!